Projeto Cosmético de Base Florestal da Amazônia English | 2A2 MARKETING & EVENTOS

Amazonian Forest Based Cosmetic Project

The Amazon has been a source of inspiration for launches in the cosmetics market, due to the richness of its biodiversity, the exoticism of its products and the stimulating factor for sustainable development.

It is a unique moment for the Amazon region since this demand allows the development of an entire productive chain in the sector, creating opportunities throughout the process and mobilizing the MPE.

Brazil has already developed a legal framework for access to genetic heritage, including protection and access to associated traditional knowledge, benefit sharing and access to technology and technology transfer for its conservation and use. The legal framework that regulates it is a Provisional Measure, based on the Convention on Biological Diversity.

The Brazilian Industry of Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics presented an average annual growth of 10.5% in the last 15 years. In 2015 the projection for the Brazilian market of Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics consumption is US $ 50.5 billion and in China, US $ 33.7 billion.

Faced with a promising market it is necessary that the base of the productive chain is organized, otherwise it will not be possible to plan and design growth in this market.

This was the interest of Sebrae in the last years (2007-2010) when the Non-Logging Forest Products Structuring Project in the Amazon was developed, which resulted in the study of the production chains of Açaí, Babaçu, Cat’s Claw, Andiroba, Chestnut of Brazil and Copaíba.

All the processes involved in the chain were mapped, making it possible, through the results achieved, to know all the phases to reach the production process of these species and therefore of the raw material. it was in the interest of the project to research the characteristics of the oil and its qualities.

Through the Forest Based Cosmetic Structure of the Amazon, SEBRAE will achieve greater knowledge of the limiting aspects of the Amazonian cosmetic chain, enabling a more efficient performance, promoting improvements to the MPE of this segment, encouraging the development of the sector in a sustainable manner through social inclusion , the stimulation of entrepreneurship and technological innovation in the Amazon.

This project addresses the current mission of Sebrae, which is to promote the competitiveness and sustainable development of micro and small enterprises and foster entrepreneurship.

Through the generation of information, studies and results, the managers will have a more comprehensive view of the different aspects developed in the medium and small companies and, from then on, will be able to attend the MPE within an updated contextualization for the cosmetics industry in the Amazon.